Pottery Analysis of Late Bronze Age IIA (LB IIA) pottery from the site of Tarsus-Gozlukule

Steven Karacic is currently working on a dissertation is addressing the Late Bronze Age IIA (LB IIA) pottery from the site of Tarsus-Gozlukule.  The pottery, specifically the so-called Hittite Monochrome Ware (HMW), is often used as evidence for the Hittite political expansion into the region of Cilicia in the latter half of the second millennium BCE.  The broader historical narrative interprets HMW as the standardized product of an economy centralized under Hittite imperial bureaucracy.  His dissertation will test this narrative by way of mineralogical and geochemical analyses that speak to the production locales of the LB IIA pottery.  At present, he is conducting geochemical tests with a portable XRF machine in special collections at Bryn Mawr College.


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